by Meredith Gran and Carey Pietsch

The second of this six-issue series seems to still be mostly just build-up. In the first issue, Marceline has, well, “gone adrift”. In issue two, she is still adrift and it’s still unclear what’s going to happen to her. She’s barely in this issue though, it’s more focused on what’s going on back in the Land of Ooo. Which actually isn’t much. Princess Bubblegum (whose real name is in this issue, by the way) isn’t handling the disappearance of her friend very well, the citizens of Ooo have lost it, and Finn remembers some stuff.

There isn’t a lot that takes place along the timeline of… whatever is going on, but there are a lot of flashbacks to Marceline and Princess Bubblegum’s history, which make the issue a fun read. Anyone who is a fan of Adventure Time knows that this whole universe is kind of a mystery, aside from a few key points, so it’s always fun when a writer includes a little of the past in a storyline.

In this book, the art does not really stray from “the usual”, which is good. Bright colors (though PB is in mourning, so there’s a serious lack of “pink”), big sound effects, and funny facial expressions. The typical “Land of Ooo” type of stuff. There’s nothing to really gush about here, but nothing to complain about either. Really, when you’re reading a six-issue story, you don’t want things to stray from the norm partway through, so the lack of anything different here is really a good thing!

Any Adventure Time book is a fun read, and always something that should be picked up. It’s just a fun read, and it can be enjoyed by anyone. This issue on its own is nothing wonderful (aside from the flashbacks), but the whole Marceline series promises to be a good one.


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