By Alex de Campi, Fernando Ruiz, Rick Koslowski, Jason Millet

“I am sorry Mr. Jughead. It is not advisable to go into the jungle…unless you want to be dinner for a jaguar!”

Is that what you want, Jughead? Hmm? To be dinner for a jaguar? I didn’t think so…now stay out of the jungle.

The stage is set in Archie VS. Predator #1 as what will undoubtably be the most epic battle in the history of comics kicks off with…a fashion show! Writer Alex de Campi scripts this story as Archie and friends venture off on a Spring Break vacation all thanks to Jughead and his love of Tayto-Chips. Classic high school antics then ensue, and before long there is trouble brewing among friends…and a special someone keeping an eye on them…

The artists on this issue are penciller Fernando Ruiz, inker Rick Koslowski, and colorist Jason Millet. There’s a good amount of adventure in this issue, mostly coming from Betty who ends up wandering off, but it’s a scene prior to this that focuses on the Predator aspect of the issue. While Betty and Veronica decide to duke it out over the results of the fashion show the Predator is lurking in the shadows – on the top panel of the page. The two middle panels showcase what the world looks like through the Predator’s eyes as he’s gauging the heart-rate levels of the two girls. Something Ruiz does here is put emoticons in the scanners of the Predator, which pop from the background as Millet colors them bright red in contrast to the dark background.

A vacation with friends sounds like a great time! But something about that shooting star doesn’t feel right…


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