by Rick Spears, James Callahan, Luigi Anderson

Rex Nathan is back. Well, maybe “back” is not quite right. Rex has been effectively run out of town have the chaos that ensued with the production of President’s Day. Writer Rick Spears presents The Auteurs: Sister Bambi, the second volume of this strange, sarcastic, and hyperbolic series that is too crazy to put down. This time, Rex is looking for independent funding and has a brand new story for his beloved Coconut to lead.

As the book opens, Rex is asked to pitch his new idea to three, nearly identical men in what is described as an area of unrest between Argentina and Bolivia. The setting really does capture just how far Rex has to go in order to get anyone to consider his insanity. This falls just before a quick recap of just how he came to get here. Spears has no intention of slowing down with this new volume, and the trajectory of the issue and the experience of reading it feel as though the reader is listening to Rex Nathan tell a story. The style of presentation is absolutely captivating and Auteurs: Sister Bambi #1 is as engaging and over the top as the issues from the previous arc. Here, readers witness the crazed producer claw his way through the desert after being tossed from Hollywood. Knowing anything about him would indicate why an episode leaving the man hallucinating and alone for a bit of time is not safe for anyone. Still, he emerges reinvigorated and ready to go back to work so long as he can find the funding, which brings the book back to its opening.

Not only are the storytelling and mannerisms of the lead character amazingly captivating, but the characters, settings and story moments are so bizarre that artist James Callahan and colorist Luigi Anderson must have a blast receiving these scripts. The book’s art matches its writing perfect. Callahan’s pencils and character designs are exaggerated, emotive and incredibly kinetic. Anderson, then, makes a perfect pairing with Callahan, bringing a vibrancy and levity to the scenes that captures the tone so well. There are numerous story moments that readers likely never expected to witness.

As Nathan attempts to walk the potential investors through his brilliant idea of a women-in-prison tale, their meeting is suddenly and amazingly interrupted by a group of invading militants. The creative team almost seems to look for moments of resolve for which they conceive the most extreme and elaborate ways to disrupt and return to chaos. Suddenly, the location is overrun with gunfire and Rex must scramble to retrieve the diamond he was being promised for his eventual work on the script. The action scene that follows is one that is almost impossible to describe and absolutely one that must be seen. Suffice it to say that a mass murderer, killer dog, genetically engineered female sex symbol and Rex all find themselves chasing a diamond while heads and body parts fly around in an all out gun battle. Not to be forgotten, Igor and Dr. Love come to the rescue after they hijack a plan loaded with cocaine.

For existing fans of the first series, that description comes as no surprise. Fortunately, Spears does a great job making this issue very new-reader-friendly. Although there are hints at pieces from the first arc, new readers can absolutely pick up Sister Bambi #1 and follow along. Auteurs is definitely not a book for everyone. However, for those it does reach, the new arc looks to be right in line with what has come before.


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