By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley, Jed Dougherty, Goran Suzuka, Roger Robinson, Lee Loughridge

Smooth, Harp…real smooth.”

Harper finally makes her big Gotham debut! After 42 issues of Batman Eternal she’s finally ready to suit up and get to it in this week’s issue. But what will Red Robin, her mentor, think about her going on a dangerous mission alone?

This week’s issue is scripted by writer Kyle Higgins as he takes us through Harper’s first big fight while using her rookie status to poke a few jokes along the way. One of the funnier scenes in this issue comes from Harper making a comment about how anyone could keep the contents of the pouches straight (how do they?) as she searches for a smoke capsule but ends up throwing a Batarang at the ground. Higgins also does well this issue to give Harper a style all her own, but not without a few similarities to some former Bat sidekicks – she’s tech savvy like Red Robin, but has the humor of someone like Red Hood.

The artwork this week is done by artists Jed Dougherty, Goran Suzuka, and Roger Robinson, with colors by Lee Loughridge. There are a lot of great scenes coming from Harper’s fight against the Mad Hatter, but one in particular showcases her amazing “skills” as well as those of the artists. The scene features her taking on some of the mind controlled “puppets” of Mad Hatter and pretty much getting her butt kicked…off of a scaffholding…and onto the ground. The nano-bots shoot from one of the mind-controlled teens mouth to knock Harper down, but quickly after she gets up with an attitude to shake off the pain as Mad Hatter tries to make her another one of his puppets. Within the panels we get to see the effects the nano-bots are having on the teenagers, but also a glimpse at the bat-family members being affected as well (Batgirl, Red Robin, Red Hood).

This issue for the most part stuck to Harper and her first real mission out alone to save the day. Did she make the big Bat in the sky proud? Well…apparently he has a lot to talk about with Red Robin (I think he’s in troooouble).


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