By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley, Fernando Blanco, Marcelo Maiolo

“Sadly, I’m running out of things to smash. But I have always enjoyed a good water show. What do you think — should we use the “Batboat” to sink a cargo ship?”

Hush must be stopped in this week’s issue of Batman Eternal!

This week we draw ever closer to the end as the Bat-family continues the struggle against the likes of Bane, Joker’s Daughter, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and Scarecrow — but where is the Bat?!

Scripting this week’s issue is Kyle Higgins. Higgins takes us through a few different scenes this week, starting off with Gordon being a total badass — as he often does. Cobblepot seems to think he’s running Blackgate during the riot, but Gordon quickly shows him how easily he can turn the tables on him.

Happening on the other side of Gotham, Hush takes control of the Batcave as Alfred is trapped — but Penny-Two has a plan. “Thank God you’re paranoid, Red Robin.”

The artist on this week’s issue is once again Fernando Blanco, along with colorist Marcelo Maiolo. The standout scene, possibly one of the best scenes this series has seen, comes from a two-page spread featuring each member of the Bat-family (featured in this series) facing-off against each of the villains mentioned above. Blanco features Red Hood leaping over Bane, Batgirl swiftly dodging Joker’s Daughter, along with the three other family members (Red Robin, Batwing, Bluebird). Maiolo colors each sliver of the spread to emphasize the color similarities between the pairings — Mr. Freeze and Bluebird for example (both blue). Each of the sections also contains a faded hue in the background, almost as if the background is out of focus, which serves to push the characters out into the open even more. How did Batgirl even manage that jump?

This week Hush has some fun with Batman’s toys, but too bad for him his good time can’t last forever.


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