By Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, John Kalisz

“I’m happy to have been of assistance to the Justice League…feel free to request my services on any future missions if need be.”

Robin’s oh so humble response to the Justice League after helping them to take down a giant robot…just another day in the League…or is it?! DUN DUN DUNNN

Writer Peter J. Tomasi takes to this title one last time to showcase the Boy Wonder at his super-powered best…and worst? This issue Tomasi has Damian and Batman alongside a few members of the League as Batman takes the chance to scout out Damian’s new powers. Will they last forever? Will Damian ever not answer sarcastically to a question? (I hope not).

The artists on this issue are Patrick Gleason on pencils, Mick Gray on inks, and John Kalisz on colors. Fighting a giant robot makes for plenty of great scenes, but this issue shines on the simpler images, like when Bruce and Damian are sliding side-by-side down the fire poles they use to get to the Batcave. It’s this scene that stands out the most in this issue. Following their descent into the cave there is a panel of Damian suiting up as Robin and one of Bruce suiting up as Batman (with Titus in the middle), below them Gleason places a panel of Damian’s pets (including Bat-cow) and finally at the bottom of the page the Batmobile zooms off and into the city. Gray covers these panels in his inks (it’s the Batcave and even though he’s a billionaire, Bruce still doesn’t want to pay the electric bill it would take to light up that entire cave) as Kalisz amplifies the Dynamic Duo in their iconic steps to getting ready for action.

This creative team takes their last crack at this crime fighting team of father and son and delivers an action packed issue with a heartfelt ending.


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