By Chris Kipiniak, J.K. Woodward

And you thought pimples were bad! Get it? Because… she’s changing… into a creature… kind of like my ex did… but that’s another story.

In Behemoth #1 a girl finds her life forever changed when she starts to exhibit some strange growths, urges, claws — ends up biting her mom! That’s no way to get you the keys to the car on a Saturday night.

Writer Chris Kipiniak delivers a story revolving around teen drama as well as government secrets. Theresa isn’t quite feeling herself lately as her hands and feet have turned into claws and the fact she’s acquired a thirst for blood, but unlucky for her someone has taken interest in these new changes and thinks she’ll be a perfect fit for somewhere far away from home.

The artist on this series is J.K. Woodward. He delivers an ink-wash style with duller colors that make this artwork stand out from other comics. The scenes, especially the one where Theresa first arrives to her new “home” are well detailed and quite realistic looking. The scene described has Theresa in a hospital gown in an empty room as two mechanical hands poke and prod at her — which soon pisses her off and causes her to break one of them. The white tiled walls Woodward puts in this scene, the shadows of the arms seen behind her, puts Theresa in the forefront of this scene, showing us she’s isolated and in a vulnerable state — which she soon proves isn’t going to work out for her.

Theresa is given the chance to change her life. But would she rather just have things go back to normal?


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