By Andrez Bergen

“Seriously? Huh. We mightn’t be shooting this prick, but you’re killing me.”

Bullet Gal gives you a heavy dose of old school hard-boiled noir just the way you remember it. Unless you’re new to it, if so, welcome…THIS is how it’s done.

Writer/Artist Andrez Bergen has created an intoxicating character with Mitzi – just don’t piss her off. From start to finish each issue Bergen is taking risks you don’t see often in other stories. He plays with the images and story in a fun way and produces some great pages because of it. The world is also a big one, something he details out at various points; certain issues serving to flesh the world out even more. Crime, suspense, guns taking aim, it’s all here from start to finish.

The artwork in this series might just be one of the most old school noir things about it. Bergen uses images from all over, including his own, and original artwork to fuse together into this panels. Some images you can even find familiar celebrities making their comics debut. The pages are kept black and white for the most part, dabbling in color every so often, but still manage to pop from the page – think Sin City. The cool part about this collection is that you get an even bigger look into the artwork, including a lot of interpretations from other artists – a crazy detailed black and white piece done by “Skooba” Steve Myers might stand out to you, or the playful image by Claudia Everest that features a baby Bullet Gal firing a gun that shoots out a flag that reads BANG!

Packed with exclusive artwork and the noir-centric story this collection has it all for the Bullet Gal fan. Even for those new to the series there is plenty waiting for you to experience in this creative look into the world of Heropa.



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