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The Burning Fields #1


By Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Colin Lorimer & Joana Lafuente

When it was announced that the majority of the creative team from Curse were collaborating again on a new title, I started to feel chills of excitement. These folks developed a fantastic spin on the werewolf myth, what would they do next? The Burning Fields takes the crime procedural/serial killer thriller and sets it in the oil fields of Iraq; Se7en meets Syriana basically.

Now don’t start rolling eyes, there isn’t a lot of geopolitical jargon or exposition. Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel strictly focus on establishing the characters and the roles they will play in this unnerving tale. It’s very direct and to the point, which keeps the pace taught and tone on point. Another presumption is that the story will be full of political commentary and subtext. Yes, there is some, but again the writing team knows where and how to use it to maximum effect and keep it light-handed. Also, Moreci and Daniel are conveying how these events are seen from the perspective of the Iraqi townspeople, which was a refreshing element in this story. If one didn’t think these minds knew how to write well on Curse, they will now on this title.

Colin Lorimer is back as well. He brings a level of grit and disorientation to the more dramatic/grisly scenes. What is fascinating is that these scenes are juxtaposed with the detailed character panels. The shadows used on their faces set the ominous and suspect tone of the narrative. Everyone is a character not to be trusted at face value (no pun intended). The inking blended with newcomer Joana Lafuente’s color work perfectly depict these various themes. Whether it be the nightscape in Iraq or the dankness of a bar, the shadowy nature comes through very well.

This book looks to not pull any punches. People who like bleak, chilling stories or liked Curse should definitely pick this up. The audience will be left with some haunting images and thoughts, which will no doubt influence the desire for issue two.

Burning Fields #1 (of 8 )

Burning Fields #1 (of 8 )



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