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Collector’s Corner: Bloodshot’s “First Appearance”


With future movie rumors, a promising new series set to debut in April (BLOODSHOT: REBORN), and even an action figure from Toys “R” Us Minimates; VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT’s BLOODSHOT appears to be stepping into the lead role of the Valiant Universe.

This shouldn’t be comes as a surprise to anyone. BLOODSHOT is both easily and visually recognisable as a character, and difficult to confuse with other characters promoted by the many other publishers out there today.

He is tragic, cunning, imposing, dark, and everything a fan could ask for on the pages of a comic book (or in a movie might I add). Award winning writer and fan favorite JEFF LEMIRE is set to take BLOODSHOT far beyond what we have already seen, and has been paired with three of the best artists in the industry today (MICO SUAYAN, LEWIS LAROSA, and BUTCH GUICE) who have already completed artwork for BLOODSHOT: REBORN for issues to be published more than a year away.


Sales look good, and pre-orders are high. The future looks BRIGHT!

Amidst all of this excitement, comic book collectors and enthusiasts have begun discussing the “FIRST APPEARANCE” of BLOODSHOT, which has sparked some debate.

In November of 1992, VALIANT released ETERNAL WARRIOR #4, and a week later, RAI #0. BOTH are the earliest appearances of BLOODSHOT.

ETERNAL WARRIOR #4 was earlier and FIRST (November 1, 1992), with the earliest dialogue, action, and character involvement of BLOODSHOT on the last page. It is cited as a “cameo appearance”, with BLOODSHOT attacking GILAD THE ETERNAL WARRIOR in three panels on the final page.

RAI #0 was released a week later, and is cited as the “first full-appearance” of BLOODSHOT. It should be noted that RAI #0 is perhaps the single most important issue of the early VALIANT UNIVERSE, and BLOODSHOT is front-and-center in this issue. It is clearly the first we learn of BLOODSHOT as we know him to be; HOWEVER, it is NOT his “FIRST” appearance.

Perhaps it should have been or was meant to have been, but history is history, and facts are facts:


Pen and ink do not lie.

  • Jonathan

    Great article Jesse!

    • Appreciate the support Jonathan. Like most other fans, I’m pretty stoked about the future plans for Bloodshot, and will be first in line for Bloodshot: Reborn next month.

  • Great choice for a first article, this seems to be a hotly debated topic, but as they say, the truth is out there 🙂

    • All I can say is “first” appearance is not the same as “second” matter how much some folks might like it to be otherwise.

      • So true! First appearance is a first appearance, and the argument over “first appearance” over “first full appearance” is a bit nonsensical.

        • slym

          Nonsensical at best – disingenuous & dishonest at worst.

  • EW #4 may be his first appearance, but I’m pretty sure that Rai #0 is considered his first appearance (and the most important?) by the comic collecting community at large. This falls in line with Incredible Hulk 180 and 181 (Wolverine), X-Factor 5 and 6 (Apocalypse), and so on and so forth. Inc Hulk 180 may be Wolverine’s first appearance, however, 181 is the one that matters. The same can be said concerning Bloodshot. If he does become a World-Class intellectual property, Rai #0 will be the hottest, most collectible issue… Not EW #4

    I wonder if a character has to be in more than one panel for it to be considered a “full appearance”?

  • Anthony

    Nice article Jesse!
    Rai #0 was such a classic issue, but to non-valiant readers, it must seem like incomprehensible mush. Plus EW 4/5 is a cleaner intro to the character, and his first cover appearance. It’ll always have my vote.

  • Both EW4 and Rai 0 have such iconic covers and both are terrific issues.

  • I think EW 4&5 plus Rai#0 are all important to bloodshot’s first appearance and may all be equally valuable to collectors ,I’m glad I have all three