The monthly all-you-can-read subscription service, ComicBlitz has added some new features and, most importantly, some awesome new comics to their line-up. See the official Press Release below for more details on your newest way to binge-read your comics:

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ComicBlitz, the all you can read digital comic book app, today is happy to announce the addition of 4 new publishers, Valiant Classics and new features.

We are now offering over 650 issues of Valiant Classics rolling out over the next week! Amazing titles from Jim Shooter/Barry Windsor Smith/Bob Layton ’90s era of the comics giant! Titles like Harbinger, Archer & Armstrong, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, and more are all now available in their entirety on ComicBlitz!


We are also proud to announce that we are adding 4 new publishers, and more to the ComicBlitz library. Now on ComicBlitz are Paperfilms, a collective from Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor, Frank Tieri, Justin Gray and Patrick Wedge, Arcana Studios, Asylum Press, and Blue Juice Comics (The Accelerators, Anne Bonnie).

On the features side of things, we are now on to Version 1.0.2, which includes the latest bug fixes, and features. Bookshelves, offline reading, and custom lists have been optimized, as well as leaving ratings and reviews.


About The Author Tyler Goulet

Tyler Goulet, owner/founder and editor-in-chief of, has an addiction to comics that seemingly cannot be sated. Reading everything from Hellboy (his favorite character, series and creator) to Batman to Pluto, and other Manga, and most everything in between, there’s not much he can’t talk about or won’t read. He currently resides in Calgary, Canada with his wife Kayla, his son Finan, a black cat named Hailstorm (yes, like the Transformer) and their always-starving, three legged idiot cat Lemmy. (yes, from Motorhead)