by Stjepan Sejic

Before we get into anything, take the following link and pass it around to all your friends: Why, you ask? Because Stjepan has made issues one to six FREE on his Deviant art as a way to thank the fans that have read and loved his book, and because of the delay between issues six and seven. This man is not only a fantastic storyteller, he’s also a gentleman and scholar. So, for the last time: YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES NOT TO READ THIS SERIES.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Hey! Death Vigil is back and boy does it feel great. For a guy like Stjepan, it’s hard to imagine how he finds the time to work on all the projects and covers he does so a little bit of a break between issues is absolutely something we can live with in order to continue getting this series. Death Vigil has been, without a doubt, one of the best, original series to come from Top Cow in a long while and that’s absolutely giving credit where credit is due to the fantastic line up of books they published already. There’s just something about Death Vigil and Stjepan Sejic that makes this something special and takes it to the next level.

As always, his art is on point. There has yet to be an example of sloppy or rushed art from Sejic and that’s of course due to his work ethic and commitment to the books he’s working on. Sejic has such a clear vision for this book–and frankly any book he works on–and the tools to put his mind on the page in a unique and interesting way, every single time. The faces and the intricate and careful character designs go a long way to bringing these people to life, especially if you add to that the smooth and very real personalities he chooses to put in the bodies of these characters.

The story, as a whole, feels as deep and well thought out as anything you’re likely to find right now on comic shelves. The quality, thought and care that goes into every panel is unmistakable and given the detail that’s put into it, breaks here and there are more than forgiven; in fact, it gives us as readers more time to re-read and pour over the pages and story that’s being presented. Sejic is a special talent that really shouldn’t, and can’t, be overlooked as a top-tier talent in this industry. Every time his name is attached to something, it’s brilliant, it’s breath-taking and it’s absolutely a must read. So, see the link above and catch up, buy the trade that’s going to drop, keep up with this series and check out his other work. Sejic is a major talent, and it’s about damn time everybody took notice.


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  • After reading the current run, falling utterly in love with it, and spreading it around to everyone you know please please please Buy. The. Trade. Sejic has plans for more stories about the Vigil, but they don’t get made if sales aren’t good, and due to industry things, sales numbers for the single issues have been lower than needed.

    Everyone who reads Death Vigil seems to love the hell out of it, but poor pre-order numbers threaten to cripple the chance of getting more after Issue #8.

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