by Jorge Corona and Jen Hickman

The previous issue of Feathers did a decent job moving the pieces into place to set up the characters to bring about a conclusion. It was unclear, though, if Jorge Corona could deliver a satisfying conclusion to the fantastic series. So many questions remained unanswered about numerous mysteries as well as a threat that needed to be handled. In Feathers #6, Corona is able to bring about a concluding chapter that does not quite fill in every missing piece. However, the final issue of the series satisfies in different ways and leaves readers’ imaginations racing.

Corona brings the readers back into the world to find Bianca sneaking through The Maze in an attempt to find Poe. Before she can do so, however, she comes across Poe’s father. The two set off in search of the boy in hopes of rescuing him from the man in the red scarf. The story then cuts to the villain of the series as he reveals his true self and then launches into a full monologue. In some ways, the story beats of Feathers #6 are quite aligned with most finales, wherein the heroes find themselves behind in the fight. At that very moment, the master plan is revealed to all. The structure is absolutely familiar. But, Corona’s rich universe and list of unanswered questions create enough intrigue and tension that the prolonged speech is met with complete engagement.

What also works well in this sequence is the colors. Jen Hickman brings the worlds of The Maze and The City to life in Feathers and this final setting is no different. As the story flashes between present day and the past, from The Maze to The City, Hickman dazzles readers with her stunning color work. The palette used throughout the series has been beautiful. The deepness of the colors in The Maze are a perfect contrast to the glowing warm colors filling The City. And when the man in the red scarf enters the scene, the saturation of reds are vibrant and majestic. As the man uses his strange power to entrance the children, Corona’s pencils and Hickman’s colors capture such an effect so wonderfully.

In the end, the story transitions into an epilogue as two voices exchange their thoughts on the events of the past few issues. Readers see a universe changed, as Poe maintains his friendship with Bianca and presence in The City. Corona is able to touch on many of the unaddressed pieces of the universe he created through this exchange. The voices are not revealed, but hinted at as the book teases that something much larger has been set in motion; something older that is soon to be unleashed. The epilogue packs so much in just this one exchange that it raises the entire series up and sets up what may lie ahead leaving readers with insatiable anticipation.

Feathers #6 (of 6)
Feathers #6 (of 6)

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