On the morning of April 29th, 1903 a rockslide ravaged the town of Frank, Northwest Territories, Canada. This disaster in the small mining town in the form of 90 million tons of unstoppable limestone, still Canada’s deadliest landslide to date, is to be the backdrop or Calgary-based cartoonist, Ben Rankel’s new historical graphic novel in conjunction with Renegade Arts Entertainment, FRANK. A historical-fiction crime thriller that turns a spotlight on a very real, and arguably very avoidable disaster, FRANK aims to be “a compelling and engaging story…that demands to be shared” according to Rankel. WCMA nominee Ben Rankel and award winning independent publisher Renegade Arts Entertainment bring you this unique and historical tale scheduled for release in 2017. Click here to see the official announcement on Renegade Art’s website.

Ben Rankel
Ben Rankel

About The Author Alex Mansfield

Alex Mansfield was raised on a steady diet of cereal, cartoons and comics. Despite this, he did manage to raise himself up off the couch just enough to become a functioning member of society. Not a day goes by that a scene from The Simpsons won’t run through his mind, oftentimes when walking his dog named Pants. His love of comics has only grown through the years as the medium continues to find innovative ways to tell stories, whether they’re about cape-wearing modern day myths serving justice or slice of life tales steeped in familiar experiences. You can find his chirpings regarding the awesomeness of comics, craft beer, and why The Big Lebowski should have won every award ever on Twitter @Focusedtotality

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