“I thought you didn’t tell jokes.” – Amethyst

“It’s never too late to change.” – Frankenstein

via dccomics.com The New 52: Futures End #4
The New 52: Futures End #4

The New 52: Futures End was a DC comics weekly that ended last week. It included 48 issues and a #0 all which explored the perils of time travel and how Terry McGinnis is the same height and weight as Tim Drake.

It all started with issue #0 where Terry was sent back in time by an aging Batman to fix the future he and Mr. Terrific had accidentally made — a future in which their version of the iPhone decides to take over the world. It’s a story about the dangers of technology people!

The story was written by Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, and Keith Giffen. From week to week there were constant mysteries and struggles to be overcome. One of the biggest mysteries early on was the identity of the Superman behind the mask — was it really him? Who else could it possibly be? But if there’s one thing this story did it was present a hell of a Superman story. Superman was just one of the many characters throughout this series. Frankenstein also had a big part, along with Amethyst, Atom, and Hawkman they provided some of the more comical scenes throughout the series, as well as the more heartfelt — Fraaaaaaaankeeeeeensteeeeein!!

One of the defining moments however comes via Superman in issue #44 when Brainiac has the city lifted up into the air with a force field around it. Eventually they figure out a way  to rid the city of Brainiac’s hold…but this causes the floating New York to fall tragically downward. Everyone is in a panic, everyone except Batman that is.

“Batman — Holt — it worked, but the city is falling! Mobilize the justice league!” – Atom

“No need.” – Batman

“No need? Are you crazy?!” – Atom

“…he’ll stop it. It’s what he does.” – Batman

Batman of course referring to Superman who then blasts his way through the city to the bottom and carries New York upon his shoulders much like Atlas. This is something that also represents the sacrifices Superman often makes for everyone, always selflessly putting himself in danger to help others; “Carrying the world on his shoulders” as it’s often said.

via Comics Xaminer - Preview: New 52: The Futures End #44.
The New 52: The Futures End #44.

More great scenes, often more funny ones, came from the likes of Grifter, Deathstroke, and Fifty-Sue. The latter of whom, over time, grew an attachment to Deathstroke…

via dccomics.com The New 52: Futures End #33
The New 52: Futures End #33

And then there was that time Patrick Zircher drew Superman in issue #40

via smilingdcworld.tumblr.com New 52: Futures End #40 (Review)
The New 52: Futures End #40

Zircher was a returning artist to the series. Often times, this series switched between pencillers and inkers each week, with colors provided by Hi-Fi the whole way through. Whenever Zircher was on an issue rest assured some great artwork was waiting for you inside. Example A being that gorgeous Superman picture you’re going to be using for your new iPhone background (also warns the iPhone that if it tries to take over the world we have a fictional hero that can stop it… the iPhone doesn’t know he’s fictional… yet …don’t read this article on your iPhone just incase).

This series pulled us through most of the year and delivered some great stories involving a wide array of the DC universe, so no matter your favorite character, you may have spotted him or her for a bit (Fraaaaaankeeeeeeensteeeeeeeein!) The world was met with attacks by villains new and old — Brainiac had a master plan! But it all came down to Brother Eye, who wasn’t willing to give up control to Mr. Terrific and Batman, instead he wanted to turn everyone into cyborgs (a.k.a iPeople).

In the end was it all worth it? Yes… just don’t read issue #48 and everything worked out fine.

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