by Skottie Young and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

As long as there have been Skottie Young’s Marvel baby variant covers, there has been a desire for a book like this. It’s exciting to finally see an entire book of these adorable Marvel characters. The variant covers Skottie Young has done have been entertaining, but this is like having a whole entire book of them to enjoy! There’s probably nothing more enjoyable in the entire Marvel Universe that Little Marvel.

This is one of those fun, quick reads that you pretty much have to check out. It’s cute and hilarious, and adults and kids will all enjoy it. Lots of cheesy jokes and silly puns, and everyone who reads it will get a good laugh out of it. In it, the tiny Avengers and the tiny X-Men are feuding – what doesn’t sound fun about that? It’s got a bit of an Itty Bitty Hellboy feel to it, and the start might remind you of the opening theme to Tiny Toons Adventures, which it turns out is an excellent mix. It’s not one of those in-your-face-shocking, can’t-breathe-until-the-next-issue types of books, but everyone needs a little bit of amusement between all the super serious books out there (especially amidst all the other incredible books Marvel is putting out right now). It’s also extra fun because Young did the story as well as the art – not something you usually see from him. It’s an excellent chance to see what else he can bring to the table, besides his incredible art.

And, as always with Skottie Young, the art is awesome. Marvel characters have never been so adorable, and it’s incredibly entertaining. It’s bright, simple, playful – and Skottie Young worked with Jean-Francois Beaulieu before on Marvel’s Oz series as well as Rocket Raccoon, so it’s very similar to art that’s been seen and very much enjoyed before. These two make an excellent team. They’re also working together on I Hate Fairyland, which comes out later this year. Beaulieu’s bright colors compliment Young’s playful art so perfectly, it’s excellent when they team up on a book!

Definitely pick up this first issue; either for the kids or not, it’s very enjoyable. Of course it’s just one more fantastic book that Marvel is putting out right now, but it’s absolutely one to add to the list, for a bit of a light read with a few laughs. It’ll leave you eager to see what shenanigans the little Avengers and the little X-Men can get into next!

Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX #1

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