Week 2 of #Inktober is here! A lot of artists have been posting their work using that newfangled internet box, here are some of the week’s highlights.

Angel Velasquez posts an old favorite (admit it) with Trap Jaw from He-Man. A lot of great detail work has been put into this piece.

Kekai Kotaki gives us this rendering of “The Lion King”. This version looking as if the fight against Scar would have been a lot quicker.

Everyone loves puns right? You’ll love this one by artist Lillian Lai from day 9 of Inktober.

Peter Simeti gives us a throwback of a Batman he did.

Also need to mention Simeti’s version of the Goosebumps story “Ghost Beach” – it was the first Goosebumps book I ever read!

And then there’s this version of Batman by this guy named Jim Lee. Heard of him? He works on comic books I guess?

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a Werewolf Shark. Thanks to H.J for supplying one.

Sometimes that random sketch becomes something more. Here’s an entry from MattChee

Evan Yeti provides us with the secret behind Batman! No wonder he never drinks coffee in the comics…

Getting ready for Trick-or-Treating this year? Anyone? I’ll just buy a bunch of candy and watch Hocus Pocus like last year…I mean…go to an awesome party.

Oh…oh my. This amazingly talented artist by the name of Dan Leicht gives us another flawless rendition of Taz from the Looney Tunes. This time showcasing Taz as a Super Saiyan. Encore! Encore!

Week 2 of Inktober has brought out even more creativity (Werewolf shark) from an array of great artists. Still trying to recover from the nostalgia trip Simeti’s Ghost Beach sketch ignited, along with finding myself in awe of the detail Velasquez puts into his work. The Batman by Jim Lee is packed with detail as well, someone should really give that guy a break into comics.

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  • Sheer amount of people contributing to #Inktober is overwhelming, It’s great to see the levels of talent participating as well. From your stead fast beginner to your veteran artist. Thankful to provide my meager talents to this.

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