It’s the best of week 3 of Inktober! You know what that means! You don’t have much time left to go on a hayride with a bunch of your friends and be chased by teenagers just trying to save up enough money to pay their phone bills. You’re also running out of time to go through corn mazes (word of advice, don’t go after it’s been raining). Cider is still socially acceptable throughout November right? That stuff is made from happiness I swear. We’d better get started though, so grab a handful of pumpkin seeds and take a gander at some of the grooviest artwork form the past week.

Sometimes drawing straws to see who gets to drive isn’t the best plan. Artist Gareth Davies shows us why with his shipwrecked picture.

Debbie Ridpath Ohi reminds us all the horrifying truth behind yogurt covered “raisins”.

Trish is no longer keeping count. But look! A biker archer! (with an impressive amount of detail)

LISTEN! I agree with the topic to today’s Inktober.

Ah, yes. We tend to overlook the horse bottomed birds. Thanks for the reminder. “Horse bottomed birds make the rockin’ world go…” such a catchy tune.

This one reminds me of a good dragon joke. So anyway, a dragon walks into a bar. He goes up to the bartender…and…haha…he orders a drink and asks the bartender to…oh wait…it was a duck not a dragon.

Combining days is allowed right? I left the rule book in the car. Left the car at 7/11.

Brian’s kids love it, we love it. Unless you’re afraid of spiders, then, you know, you might not love it. Again though, this is a picture with some serious detail work. And I don’t think I’ve really been afraid of spiders until now…

I feel the negative space gives it a sense of mystery, perhaps a bit of nuance. A raw feeling of the quintessential archetype for…uhhh…yeah this thesaurus isn’t giving me anything else to use here.

What happens if you miss five days though?

There you have it folks, a look at some of the best from week 3 of Inktober. Let me know if you want me to finish the joke about the duck. It’s a really good one. Also, does anyone have any pumpkin seeds left over? I left mine in the car.

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