By Fred Van Lente, Pere Perez, and Andrew Dalhouse.

“A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop… …time becomes a loop… …time becomes a loop… …time becomes a loop… …time becomes a loop…” ― “Time Squared” Star Trek: The Next Generation

imageWriter Fred Van Lente is the writer of choice for anything related to the Archer & Armstrong mythos. He has taken the very best elements of one of the very best comic books of the early 1990’s, and (somehow) made it even better! With the addition of Ivar, Timewalker, to Valiant Entertainment’s 2015 line, fans were highly enthusiastic about Van Lente being assigned to the title. It was the “right” fit, since (I will just say it) Ivar, Timewalker is basically Archer & Armstrong: Part II. Beginning with the very first issue, as a series Ivar, Timewalker has been, in a word, fantastic! Each issue seamlessly blending into the next, and tying-in elements that occurred all the way back to the 2012 re-launch of Valiant! Each story with the perfect blend of humor and character. These are character-driven stories, and unlike many titles where the writing fluctuates from issue to issue, you get to “know” these characters and their individual (and collective) motivations. Ivar, Timewalker is a book that is everything that a comic book was designed to be and more.

Ivar, Timewalker #11, takes EVERYTHING that has been, will be, and is from all that the series has shown and wraps it into a nicely packaged gift to readers; then leaves them with a cliffhanger! Well done Van Lente, well done!

There are only two men who should draw Ivar, Timewalker (or Archer & Armstrong for that mater); Spanish artist Pere Perez or American artist Clayton Henry. Perez completely nails the artwork in this issue! Perez manages to put more than 300 panels into this book (with more than 100 panels on pages 2 and 3 alone!) to tell this story while also visually depicting infinite dimensions and/or realities and/or time periods and/or possibilities! To imagine his ability and vision to draw this book with this level of micro-detail and creativity is a testament to Perez’s mastery of the craft. While reviewing this issue, the art collector and fan inside me compulsively kicked in, and I immediately contacted both Perez and art representative at to buy a the double-page spread on page 2 and 3 (my opinion is that it is a crime to ignore talent and artwork of this quality. It should be displayed for viewing, and then viewed while enjoying both a glass of Johnny Walker Blue Label and the taste of victory).

This is a perfect issue, both written and artistically. Colorist Andrew Dalhouse knocks it out of the park and had to have fun coloring this issue. It looks and feels EXACTLY like a Ivar, Timewalker or Archer & Armstrong book should look and feel. He is the right colorist to pair with Perez, and for this book. Reading Ivar, Timewalker is the sort of experience that makes a reader (just for a moment) forget that he/she has bills to pay, or problems in life. For that one moment as they flip though the masterpiece created by the team of Fred Van Lente, Pere Perez, and Andrew Dalhouse, readers can feel like a kid again. It’s that good.


About The Author Jesse Izdepski

Jesse Izdepski (aka DBS) is a life-long comic book fan and original comic art collector. He is a Patreon Sponsor of the Valiant Database Project, has written 100+ articles & reviews about Valiant comics, & manages the Valiant Universe Fan-Page on Instagram with 75,000+ followers.