By Luis M. Cruz, Henry Simon, Miky Ruiz

“There’s too many, I better wolf up.”

I think everyone wishes they could just Wolf up whenever they wanted. Could you imagine?

Writer Luis M. Cruz scripts a story about a woman from the 1920’s who becomes a werewolf and is forced to leave everything behind. Some of the scenes along the way flash by a little too quickly, especially in the beginning, when Jennifer first learns just how much she’s lost with this encounter she’s had with a werewolf. When the story shoots into the future we get the feeling Jennifer really has left everything behind.

This issue is broken up into almost two separate stories, with half being an origin tale to Jennifer. The first half, the origin, takes place in 1922 and is met with a black and white color scheme. The art for this half is done by Miky Ruiz and starts off with a couple leaving what must have been a fancy party. But something in the road up ahead causes them to stop and get out of the car…

The second half of this issue takes place in 2014 and the art is done by Henry Simon. During this section we’re given color to the panels as Jennifer speeds in on a motorcycle (an upgrade to the ride she had in the previous section, unless you’re a hipster and it’s ironically cool to drive an old car?). As the first half served as an origin the second half shows Jennifer as having honed her skills quite well in the years past (and hasn’t aged a day!). And what else is happening in the new world? Zombie attacks, but we all remember how 2014 was, just be glad Jennifer took care of all those zombies for us. The artwork in this half is met with dark tones as the entire scene takes place at night – which is of course when all the coolest fights take place anyway. Someone that notices Jennifer’s efforts comes out of a building (during a zombie attack… people were much braver in 2014) to get a closer look. Will he ever see Jennifer again?

The artwork does a great job of separating these two time periods, giving each their own distinct style (having the different artists adds to this as well) as the story of Jennifer comes to life. There is a mystery left lingering in the first half that seems a distant memory in the second, but with suspicious characters watching Jennifer’s every move perhaps her past has been chasing her this whole time… Better Wolf up!


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