Justice League #41


By Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

The beautiful synthesis of the collaboration between Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok is the “Darkseid War”.  As Darkseid’s emissaries search for someone, they leave a bloody trail that captures the attention of the Justice League. Of course, they encounter a new, powerful adversary. Meanwhile, Scott Free aka Mister Miracle makes a grand entrance on Apokolips…

Wow, just wow! Johns, Fabok and Brad Anderson deliver an amazing comic. The whole issue is full of iconic writing and artwork. The scenes with Mister Miracle on Apokolips are absolutely breathtaking. Anderson brings such vibrancy and dread to the setting of those panels. Seeing the specks of brimstone throughout the pages are a nice touch. Jason’s design for Miracle is perfect. Geoff made an excellent decision to include him in this storyline. With the set-up that has been already given, the character’s backstory and his abilities, he seems like a perfect fit.

Now, the moments with the League are strong as well. There’s a beat where Johns illustrates a commonality among the members of the team that just brings a tear to one’s eye (or mine at least). Of course, Fabok interprets it perfectly; worthy of being hung on the wall. Little moments with characters such as one with Shazam show their humanity and really elevate this issue. Something special to note is how Jason and Brad illustrate the Flash; it’s a very neat way to depict his speed. I do wish Hal Jordan would have made a grander return, but it’s still nice to have him back with the group under the pen of Geoff. The titular villain also makes an appearance in all his monstrous glory. A behemoth of few words, but the art team makes him so menacing and larger than life…as Darkseid should be. There are some other amazing moments, but they tread into spoiler territory. Needless to say, “Darkseid War” is off to a stunning start!

Yes, this book is priced at $4.99, but it is a 40-page book from this stellar creative team…it’s worth every penny. This is shaping up to be a far better event than Convergence. Death to Darkseid!!