It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another new edition of Kickin’ It Old School, our weekly column in which we look to the past and review books from the original Valiant universe! This week, I’ll be discussing Unity #1

Unity #1

Published in October 1992
Story by Jim Shooter
Drawings and Inks by Barry Windsor-Smith
Script and Inks by Bob Layton
Colored by Jorge Gonzalez with Maurice Fontenot
Background Inks by Paul Autio
Lettered by Jade
Edited by Barry Windsor-Smith


Picking up with Solar sending Erica through the wormhole, her reactor proves to be unstoppable. Solar realizes that he has to get everybody out of there before it’s too late. He sends out energy that will return everybody to their appropriate time, being guided by the individuals. There are a few twists, as Kris’ baby is sent into the future to become Magnus and Jack tries to return to his time with Elya, but she is forced to go with the rest of her people to 4001 by Solar’s power. In the end, Solar runs out of time and, while protecting Geoff, is forced to fight off a black hole. The end result is that he Lost Land goes from reality to unreality, a place that never existed.


This is very much a wrap up issue, which is definitely needed after an event of this magnitude. Everybody is returned to their proper place and time… for the most part. The Lost Land has been unmade, meaning that Erica never went there from 4001 and did all the things that have transpired. Kris’ baby, however, was still sent to the future. So… have things been undone or not? How could the baby be sent to the future if the Lost Land being uncreated undoes all of Erica’s actions? I’m sure some of these types of questions will be answered in the appropriate titles. One way or another, this was a fantastic event that I look forward to rereading!

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