Award-winning writer and film producer Mark Millar is launching a worldwide talent search for new artists and writers, so budding creators listen up as the search is on from 28th Sept – 30th Nov 2015.

As Mark explains, “There seems to be a real disconnect between genuinely talented and skilled students at schools, colleges and universities getting in to the comic-book industry. I want to provide a platform to enable these creative people to showcase their talents and, most importantly, to get published and paid.”

Artists and writers can upload an example of their work on the Millarworld website and a shortlist of six writers and six artists will be selected and partnered up. Artist submissions are now being accepted and writer submissions will be accepted from next week. The selected creators will be allowed to work on specific Millarworld characters, and paid the Marvel and DC starter rates. The stories will appear in the ‘Millarworld Annual 2016‘ comic-book, a not-for-profit comic-book available in all comic-stores.


Millar goes on to say, “Working in comics is the best job in the world. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was five and it’s genuinely a thrill to switch on my computer every morning. If I can help in some small way to get other people started with this special annual every year it’ll be an honour. I really couldn’t recommend this career more highly.”

For more information or to upload an example of your work please visit

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