By Victor Detroy, Kevin Bieber, Jared Lamp

“If we don’t come back in 10 minutes, burn this place to the ground. Better that 100 men died than one rock live!

“But my son… he’s in there.”

“Is he in the Hall of Minerals?”


“Then he’s already dead.”

How’s your day going? Pretty good? Just okay? Well you have Buck Stone to thank for that, because without him the rocks would be attacking and it would just be chaos. Don’t believe me? Then check out Man Vs Rock by Victory Detroy and Kevin Bieber. It’s like reading a history book based on the stuff you wish history was based on – basically it would have made history class a lot more fun.

Writers Detroy and Bieber once again create a story filled with humor and action in their second outing for Buck Stone (he’s a total badass). This time around he tries to warn the world by going to the one man who might be able to help him… the president! But is President Dick willing to help this crazy Geology professor?

The artist for this series is Jared Lamp, and much like last issue he’s creating fun panels loaded with some great detail. Some of the panels even subtly interact with one another – the guy picking the Presidents nose was a nice touch. The artwork consists of black and white panels filled with expressive art. A scene from the beginning shows Stone taking out some of his rock related hatred on a passer-by on the road – listening to “We will ROCK you!”. The panel shows Stone launching a can of beer out of his window followed by it slamming through the windshield of the other car, thus shattering the glass and inevitably just creating chaos, as Stone often does.

One of the funniest and most original stories I’ve read in a long time. Man Vs Rock #2 doesn’t disappoint.


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