Have you ever wondered why rocks always seem to look so menacing? Judging you at every turn, constantly expressing a desire to deny you a high-five if you ever dare try to give them one. Well, you’re not alone in your feelings about this, which is why writers Kevin Bieber and Victor DeTroy hope you educate the masses with their new comic based on their own spiritual journey. The title of this comic is Man vs. Rock. From the get-go you’ll notice the excellent artwork by artist Jared Lamp and the brilliant political commentary by Bieber and DeTroy. Also, this comic is absurdly funny and each volume ensures more laughs and tears will be shed on the subway ride to your favorite bagel shop each morning.

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All-Comic: What’s the usual pitch you give to those who ask the question “What is Man vs. Rock about?”

Bieber:  Man vs. Rock is a new social media app we designed to compete with MySpace.  If you’re one of the dozens of people that still use MySpace, then you’ll love Man vs. Rock!

Man vs. Rock is also the story of Buck Stone, a slow-witted child in rural Alabama, who is bullied by the other children because of his leg braces. Undeterred by his shortcomings, Buck is able to start a successful shrimping company, become a world-class ping-pong champion, earn a Purple Heart for bravery in Vietnam, and father a young Haley Joel Osment.

DeTroy: Think Django Unchained meets Hotel for Dogs.  No… sorry that’s the pitch for my personal line of Children’s Clothing. Think 50 Shades of Grey meets … Hotel for Dogs.  Wait, that’s the pitch for my pro-gluten cookbook …

But seriously, Man vs. Rock is a satire of every dumb action movie you have ever loved as a kid. It focuses on the story of Buck Stone, a psychotic geology professor who is convinced that the rocks will rise up and attack us.  Society reacts to his crazy theories and chaos and hilarity ensue.

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Any creators that may have influenced you in regards to your approach to this comic?

Bieber:  It’s hard to say where great ideas like Man vs. Rock come from.  But I think, like most legitimate artists, our biggest influence is M. Night Shyamalan.  From classics like The Happening and After Earth, Shyamalan re-defined “good ideas” and changed the game for Hollywood and independent comics.

If Marvel would ever listen to its fans and hire Shyamalan to direct Avengers, instead of wasting everyone’s time with a Night-wannabe like Joss Whedon, then maybe its movies would finally make a nickel.

DeTroy:  Well obviously the Sunday Comic Strip “Cathy.” She ushered me into manhood. We had a special bond. As I would thrust though the wet newspaper she would scream “AACK!” and we would climax together. The deep wisdom and sexual healing in Man vs. Rock is what’s made it one of the top-selling children’s books on the indie market.

Any wise tips for those looking to create their own indie comic?

Bieber:  Read as many comic books as you can, find the best ideas  …  and then steal those ideas!  If Marvel, DC, or any publisher gives you trouble, just scream “I’m a diabetic” until they leave you alone.  That’s how Vladimir Putin got to where he is today, and it has worked for us ever since.

DeTroy:  You need to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself: am I ready for the debauchery and the rock n’ roll lifestyle of an independent comic book writer? If your answer is “YES!”, then send five easy payments of $20,000 to “Man vs. Rock Ponzi Scheme, LLC” and you too can live this lifestyle!

As the old saying goes, there’s plenty of ways to make love to a goat, but only one way to create your own indie comic: stop talking about it and just start doing it. Write it. Draw it. Print it. Go to a local Con. That’s it.

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I’ve been learning so much about the historical significance of the rocks’ place beside man with each volume. How do you manage to make the comic so educational while still filling it with humor? 

Bieber: Thomas Jefferson once said, “the greatest trick the rock-devil ever played was convincing the world that rocks don’t exist,” and those are the principles we take with us to Man vs. Rock.

At its core, Man vs. Rock is purely about educating the public.  Since education and national security have plummeted since we “elected” Barry Voldemort Obama, we felt we had to take it upon ourselves to educate the public about the threat of rocks.  Maybe if America smartens up and votes for a real leader like Palin, this whole crisis can be avoided.

DeTroy:  The history books we read as children are filled with lies. Columbus didn’t really “discover” America… the only thing he discovered were some excellent casinos. The white man would have never understood the pure joy of gambling if Columbus hadn’t shouted those fateful words when he landed on America’s shores: “We have landed… now let’s go hit up the buffet at Wolf Eagle Resort and Casino!”™

That reminds me, this is a good place for us to plug our sponsor: Wolf Eagle Casino and Resort: “the fourth best shrimp in North Dakota!”™

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How did you go about finding the artist on this series Jared Lamp? He manages to create some pretty fantastic scenes. A stand-out comes from Vol. 3 with the bus swerving around a rock on a bridge and of course causing the bridge to collapse – Those rocks just won’t stop the carnage!

DeTroy:  I was soliciting sex under a bridge one lovely evening when I was approached by a man in a top hat. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bieber:  What can we say?  Jared is one of the best artists out there, and the only guy we trust to draw this important pubic awareness message.

When this inevitably becomes a movie and you two are sitting upon your stacks of money (or rocks) who will you choose to play the character of Buck Stone?

Bieber: We would never sell out to Hollywood unless someone’s willing to pay us at least $25.  We think Heath Ledger or Phillip Seymour Hoffman would do a great job though.

DeTroy:  Buck is a gritty no-nonsense action hero with the scowl of that guy from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the cockiness of that guy from Dirty Harry, and the voice of that old dude from Gran Torino. So naturally, we think the ideal actor for Buck Stone is Robert Pattinson.

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What show would you suggest those interested in reading this comic to watch on Netflix?

Bieber: Netflix is propaganda spread by the liberal, pro-rock media …  Friends is pretty good though.

DeTroy: The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd MargaretPeep Show, and Hotel for Dogs.

Throughout the story we learn that a few people are actually rocks in disguise. Without spoiling anything, (Did I just spoil anything?!) will there be some other rocks in disguise coming up that might blow our minds?

Bieber: You just spoiled the entire book.  Thanks All-Comic!

DeTroy: Now we have to go back to being elementary school teachers …

Are you two…are you two actually rocks?!

Bieber: If by “rock” you mean a naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids, then yeah, I guess we’re rocks …

DeTroy:  Would a man with a small penis drive a flashy sports car? Absolutely not! So why would two perfectly normal soft bodies… I mean humans… write a book about rocks!?

Where can people find Man vs. Rock? Or, for readers cheering for the other side, where can rocks find Man vs. Rock?

DeTroy:  If you’re a rock, just pick up a copy at Dan and Pat’s Rock Shop. It will be in the secret underground lair filled with blueprints of the pentagon.

Bieber: For everyone else, you can pick up MvR at:

– Comixology (https://www.comixology.com/Man-vs-Rock-Vol-1/digital-comic/171554),

– Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Man-Vs-Rock-Volume-1-ebook/dp/B00FMNNIZE),

– Scribd (https://www.scribd.com/collections/13632628/Man-Vs-Rock),

– or your local comic shop

We’ll also be at Wondercon and Amazing Las Vegas this year.  Normally each book is $4.00, but if you mention All-Comic, we’ll sell it to you for $5.00!

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