By Tom Ward, Luke Parker

“Well, Frederick, once more into the breach dear friend eh? The commotion appears to have finally come to an end. Erm,after you then…”

Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman #3 gives the series’ titular character some of his desired revenge! It starts off by showing the reader a side of Doctor Treves that Merrick himself doesn’t expect – but will Treves be able to hide his secrets forever?

The above quote relates to a scene where Merrick throws a bit of a tantrum in his room, which results in the room being totally ruined. This is where writer Tom Ward fleshes out a bit more of both the sensitive side and rage-filled side of Merrick. Leading up to this was the nurse tending to Merrick refusing to look at him, which caused his emotions to get the better of him, something Treves reminds him isn’t suited for his room at the hospital. As we see later in this issue, his rage is better suited for other means…

The artist on this series is Luke Parker. Once again he gives a lot of the panels a darker feel, working a lot with shadows whenever Merrick is present, as well as scenes featuring Treves at his “other job”. A great scene comes when Merrick is getting ready to head out to deliver some payback he feels must be done. He’s fitted with a bag over his head and a large coat, the right sleeve ripped off (check out the cover below to see for yourself). This particular scene shows Merrick heading out the door as Treves stands a ways behind him, Merrick once again embracing the shadows as Treves stands with lantern in hand. There is an ominous darkness behind Treves however, and soon two faceless characters appear behind him as Treves speaks the line “I’ll have someone follow him”.

This issue does of great job of showing how Merrick acts as a vigilante. He’s out to prove he has what it takes to get what he feels he deserves and deliver justice.


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