Nailbiter #12


By Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson, Adam Markiewicz, & Adam Guzowski

The last issue of Nailbiter was so engaging, it made readers beg for this one. Warren is about reveal to everything he knows. Joshua Williamson gives insight into Warren’s past, but of course not everything… not yet. The reverend of Buckaroo, Louis, is also finally making his move in the town…

There are some shocking moments in this series to say the least, but it seems as though Williamson and his collaborators are slowly pushing the envelope. Some of the material in this book has become so macabre, but it’s what this story has leaned towards the entire time. Perhaps it’s my morbid nature, but I love it. Joshua is milking the mysteries of Buckaroo as much as he can; it’s not quite to the point yet where readers are feeling as if he’s dragging it out. The reveals are enough to keep us yearning.

Adam Markiewicz joins co-creator Mike Henderson on art duties. He is able to maintain his own style and not be such a departure from Henderson’s work that it takes you out the comic. Adam Guzowski still handles the coloring so well. He takes Mike’s pencils and takes them to dark, gorgeous places. The motif of red and shadows is still prevalent, but not overplayed. The impact is still as significant as the first issue.

Nailbiter is still nailing it. This is issue is more about developing plotlines, but the creative team still makes it a necessary. Pick it up!