Magnetic Press is pleased to announce, in collaboration with To The Stars, a very special hardcover, Collected Edition Art Book for Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker. This gorgeous hardcover collects the entire Poet Anderson comic book series from the vibrantly creative mind of Angels & Airwaves and Blink-182 frontman TOM DELONGE, co-written by screen writer extraordinaire BEN KULL and illustrated by French illustration virtuoso DJET.

Also included in this edition is a special, limited first edition pressing of the instrumental Poet Anderson album, Dream Walker, by rock giants Angels & Airwaves.

Simultaneously a graphic novel and art book, this edition also compiles the original, never before seen Poet Anderson Universe concept designs, as well as original Poet artwork from a murderer’s row of the industry’s most talented artists. All of this stunning artwork is presented against a backdrop of an extensive, 12 page interview with Tom Delonge.

More than just a prequel to the film and novel trilogy, the Poet Anderson graphic novel is his must-read origin story. Here is where we meet the Dream World, where this universe’s deep mythology begins to unfold, and here is where Poet’s long and vibrant journey begins. A journey that not everyone may survive…


Written by Tom Delonge & Ben Kull
Story Illustration by Djet
Cover Art by Gus Mendonca
Concept Design and Original Artwork from: Sergio & Edgar Martins, Gus Mendonca, Mike Henry, Jared Purrington, Gerald Parel, Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Djet, & Bengal

In Stores November 25th, 2015

” …Stunning, filled with a kinetic energy. …A comic series to look out for.” THE NERDIST

“Just visually amazing, completely beautiful. I came away wanting more right away.” GRAPHIC POLICY

In the Dream World, power comes to those of its visitors who learn the ability to lucid dream, while Night Terrors hunt those dreamers who are troubled and helpless. A lucky few are watched over by mysterious guardians. The protectors of our shared unconscious lives are known as…

Dream Walkers.

Brothers Jonas and Alan Anderson have found a hidden method of mastering the art of lucid dreaming, allowing them to unlock a universe beyond our own. A tangible place filled with both the fantastic and the terrifying. There, the brothers are snagged in a mind-bending adventure that slowly reveals a vast and secret history that has cast them a very important role in the protection of the Waking World…

For more info, visit our Poet Anderson page, here.

First Look:
Story Pages & Concept Art


More from the Poet Anderson Universe:
The Novel Trilogy:

poetanderson13Tom DeLonge and best-selling author Suzanne Young will release Poet Anderson… Of Nightmares, on October 6th, the first in a trilogy of Poet Anderson novels published by Simon & Schuster.

The novel picks up right where the Poet Anderson graphic novel ends, centering around brothers Alan and Jonas Anderson, as they try to rebuild their lives. But after a car accident lands Alan in a coma, Jonas sets out into the Dream World in an attempt to find his brother and wake him up. What he discovers instead is an entire shared consciousness where fear comes to life…

The Albums by Angels & Airwaves:
Click to listen

The forthcoming Angels & Airwaves EP, and companion to the first Poet Anderson novel.
The Billboard topping 2014 album from Angels & Airwaves, and companion to the Poet Anderson short film.

The Short Film:


Feature Film in Development

Directed by Tom DeLonge & Edgar Martins

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