Contest of Champions #2

Story: Al Ewing
Art: Paco Medina
Cover: Paco Medina, Ken Bald, Ron Lim
Publisher: Marvel
Publication Date: November 4th, 2015

Price: $3.99

Ares lives! The god of War vs. Maestro…and Iron Man & Gamora! Who is the shadowy player scheming with the Grandmaster? You’ll never guess!

About The Author Tyler Goulet

Tyler Goulet, owner/founder and editor-in-chief of, has an addiction to comics that seemingly cannot be sated. Reading everything from Hellboy (his favorite character, series and creator) to Batman to Pluto, and other Manga, and most everything in between, there’s not much he can’t talk about or won’t read. He currently resides in Calgary, Canada with his wife Kayla, his son Finan, a black cat named Hailstorm (yes, like the Transformer) and their always-starving, three legged idiot cat Lemmy. (yes, from Motorhead)