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Preview: Reanimator #4



Reanimator #4
Story: Keith Davidsen
Art: Randy Valiente
Covers: Francesco Francavilla & Andrew Mangum
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Publication Date: July 15th, 2015
Price: $3.99


It’s a bloodbath, as only Reanimator can deliver! Herbert West and Susan Greene have survived the terrible truth of their shared past:
the stalking, the murder, the experiment gone mad. But will they live through the mayhem when two cartels go to war over the Reanimator’s drug lab? It’s the Elder God-empowered Eldritch Krewe versus the Gris-Gris Boyz, a gang steeped in Louisianan Voodoo, with our two mad scientists stuck in the middle. Zombies, tentacles, black magic, hybrid creatures… the epic horror miniseries reaches its
explosive conclusion!