by James Asmus, Steve Lieber

I have been really enjoying Quantum and Woody’s latest adventure in Quantum and Woody Must Die, and this week sees the release of the final chapter of this miniseries. Will Quantum and Woody finally meet their end? Be ready for some for spoilers!

After the all out battle at the zoo last issue, Quantum and Woody Must Die takes a step back in the action department and provides some insight into the repercussions of our duo’s actions, particularly the untimely death of a panda at the hands of Woody (quite literally). The plot against Quantum and Woody has been outed and the two must face that maybe they weren’t the heroes they thought they were.

Writer James Asmus does a really nice job tying up all the loose ends from this miniseries in typical outlandish fashion with some great setup for further Quantum and Woody stories. While the duo don’t literally die as the series title would suggest, their hero business certainly does as all the jobs they are now being asked to take involve the murder of animals or destruction of property. There are some interesting elements introduced in this issue with regards to Quantum and Woody as Quantum has obviously fallen in love with a girl who is obviously a Znith spy, and Woody learns that the only way for him to earn a living going forward is to take these slightly illegal new job offers and work with the Domino Twins for a finders fee.

Speaking of Znith, I’d love to see how this megacorporation’s actions may spill over into the rest of the Valiant universe as Quantum and Woody seems to slowly seem to be becoming part of the larger world. The reintroduction of the evil alternate reality Woody from Valiant-sized Quantum and Woody #1 (one of my favorite Quantum and Woody issues since the relaunch) was a nice touch and something I wish would have been brought up sooner as he seems like a really interesting character with great potential. The appearance of the Goat in his/her Speak and Spell voice was great and no doubt that the result of his/her pregnancy as touch upon in this issue will have greater repercussions in future stories.

Steve Lieber continues his amazing work in this issue with some incredible art that is among the best interior work in a Quantum and Woody title since Tom Fowler’s work in the first arc of the ongoing series. His style is so dynamic and full of emotional and really plays well with the comedic tone of the series. I certainly hope we see more of Lieber’s work with these characters in the future.

Overall, Quantum and Woody Must Die! #4 is a terrific conclusion to what has been a really fun series with terrific character exploration for two characters which are somewhat overlooked by many fans. While no word has been given on when Quantum and Woody will return, I look forward to seeing more of this kind of story for the characters as they become more than cartoon-character versions of superheroes.

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