Welcome to the first episode of All-Comic’s new Star Trek podcast, the Redshirt Obituary.

Join your hosts Scott (the rookie) and Brooks (the veteran) as we watch the sort-of pilot episode (just listen to the podcast and you’ll understand!) of Star Trek. In this episode we talk about why Captain Pike isn’t as cool as Captain Kirk, Adam/Eve metaphors, the very un-PC depiction of women, and doctors who carry booze in their bags. Also included are the Redshirt Obituaries and ladies slain. Seriously, come and join the internet’s newest and most irrelevant Star Trek podcast, so we have an audience of more than my parents and three of our friends (our respective wives are still on the fence).

Thanks for listening! If you have any questions, comments, or would like to give us free stuff, please contact us at RedshirtObituariesPodcast@gmail.com

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