Reshaping Valiant Central, Moving Forward

Fellow fans,

As all of you know, I recently took the week off working on the site and I wanted to share a bit as to why and how the site will go moving forward. The week before, I had a conversation with fellow site and podcast contributor, Paul, and he gave me the best advice I have received in a while – take a week off and see if you miss it; if you do, come back to it, but if it feels more like a chore than fun, then drop it. This thought remained in my head over the next week and a half as I figured out what it was that I wanted to do.

Valiant Central has been a huge part of my life over the past year (well, a year next week) and has become an important source of information for thousands of Valiant fans. I have met some amazing people as a result of what we do here including creators, fans, and other fellow contributors and I couldn’t think of anything else to do with my free time (other than family time and the Valiant Database, of course), so I came back; going forward, there will be some changes.

There are probably millions of comic book sites on the web, but a few are by far the most trafficked – CBR, Newsarama, Comic Vine, Bleeding Cool. With the average Valiant title selling between 5-10 thousand copies per issue, and this site already reaching about 75% of that audience, I’ve decided that moving forward, we’ll focus less on quantity and more on quality of articles. We’ll still do news, but I want Valiant Central to be a place where people want to learn more about books they are so passionate about from people they respect and can related to. Some types of articles will disappear completely, while some will change format and become something new. In particular, the in-depth, single issue reviews are disappearing in favor of the shorter group roundup reviews we’ve been doing over the past couple of months.

A site with a name like ours would be expected by some to always love everything Valiant does, and while I feel like we’ve always been VERY honest in the past, we want to make sure everyone understands that being a fan does not mean we love everything. Going forward, I will return to the Out of My Mind column I started the site with – a featured editorial where I break down one aspect of a book, character or event and really dive deep into its important, or whether it makes sense. The latest column will debut tomorrow as I discuss Valiant’s latest miniseries – Dead Drop.

I want to thank everyone for the love and support both publicly and privately and know that Valiant Central will NEVER go away. As long as there is one person reading a Valiant title, know that we will be here to discuss it as honestly and passionately as we know how.

Stay Valiant,
Martin Ferretti

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  • Don Acree

    Well said.

    • Rob Krygier

      I agree with Don. Well said and I’m glad Valiant Central is sticking around! 🙂

  • Thank you gentlemen lol


    Glad to have you back Martin. I look forward to your contributions every week and enjoy reading your work and all other contributors’. Appreciate the time you all put in so fans like myself can spend a couple of hours during my spare time catching up on my passion for Valiant. Keep up the good work and love the new lay out of the site.

  • damien raw

    I love the look of the new site, looking forward to the new articles as we go forward and glad its sticking around, I like the opinion pieces and reviews and since I’m pretty new to valiant this is one of the best sites to visit, you just don’t get this level of coverage on the bigger sites 🙂

  • Thanks, I figured we were due for a new more modern look 🙂

  • Brett Simon

    Good stuff Martin! Looking forward to the All-New Valiant Central 🙂

  • Naaaaaaaaate!

  • Thanks for all of the time you put in on the site… The source for Valiant news

  • Greg

    I appreciate all the time and effort it takes to publish a website of this caliber, the community is lucky to have you. I am new to Valiant and would love to know if there is a reading order for some of the limited series. For example, should I read Harbinger Wars happen before Imperium?

  • Looks GREAT!!!!!!!!