by Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry,

And so begins the second issue of one of the most fun and exciting series to come out of Valiant’s stable since, well, since Archer and Armstrong a book also helmed by Ivar, Timewalker writer Fred Van Lente. While we’re stating to see a similar buddy dynamic in this book as well, the similarities end there, as Ivar and Dr. Neela Sethi are starting to come into their own.

This issue explores the concept of time travel a little more than the previous, further expanding on the groundwork laid in issue one while continuing to throw typical science fiction tropes about the subject out the window. The concept of a butterfly effect is very much a focus of much of this issue but Van Lente has done his homework and imbued Ivar with great science to back up how time travel works. If you’re interested in more, definitely check out Dr. Stephen Hawking’s article on Space and Time Warps which was a huge inspiration for Van Lente, particularly the Chronology Protection Conjecture which serves as a sort of “time travel police” preventing past events from being changed. The article may be a little thick at times, but will definitely give you new insight into this book.

Killing Hitler is a topic that’s been tackled in many stories, but in this issue we see something new – Neela and Ivar are off to NOT kill him. Through the use of the Zelig, a device that can cloak time travelers, the two can blend into pre-World War I Vienna, taking us through a historical adventure of Hitler’s past while exposing us to further time travel concepts. It’s really masterfully done through smart and humorous dialogue which Van Lente is known for. The introduction of a new villain, the Lurker, was a very pleasant surprise and the concept behind the character is really smart. In the future, people have bonded with their social networks and basically turned them into living entities which they can then use to travel through time and showing off their adventures to friends and family.

Ivar, Timewalker #2 is a great book with terrific dialogue and beautiful art. Van Lente has definitely done his research basing many of the concepts in this book on real science and it shows. Definitely pick this up!

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