Esad Ribić will complete the last four issues of the new 16-part Metabaron comic book series providing covers and interior art. This sequel to The Metabarons starts in October 2016 and is written by Jerry Frissen (The Z Word, Unfabulous Five), based on a story by Alexandro Jodorowsky (The Technopriests, Bouncer). The first four issues will be drawn by young French artist sensation, Valentin Sécher, followed by The Pride of Bagdad’s artist, Niko Henrichon, and Indian comic book superstar, Mukesh Singh.

The Metabaron character was created by legendary artist Jean Giraud, aka Mœbius, and writer Alexandro Jodorowsky in The Incal, and later had his own international bestselling spin-off series, The Metabarons, with art by Juan Gimenez (Leo Roa). Writer/director/ producer David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) called The Metabarons: “The greatest work of graphic fiction ever produced,” and it has sold millions of copies globally.

Esad Ribić is a Croatian artist who graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb as a graphic designer. He started making comics in the early 1990s for the Croatian Plavi and German Gespenster Geschichten magazines. Ribić also worked for Zagreb Film as an animator on the TV series The Little Flying Bears and Lapitch the Little Shoemaker. He has done extensive work for Marvel Comics including painted covers for Wolverine, Daredevil, and Uncanny X-Force, as well as covers for Valiant’s Bloodshot and X-O Manowar, He is best known for his work on Marvel’s Loki, Sub-Mariner: The Depths, Thor: God of Thunder, and Secret Wars 2015—the latter being the industry’s bestselling single issue comics for multiple months in a row.

Mukesh Singh is an Indian artist who received a BFA in painting from Mumbai’s Sir J.J. School of Arts in 1997. He has worked for various comics book companies such as Liquid Comics (Grant Morrison’s 18 Days, Dinosaurs vs. Aliens) and covers for Marvel (Hulk, The Ultimates) and as a concept artist on numerous Indian computer games and animation. His style and virtuosity has seen Singh lauded by critics as the greatest Indian comic book artist ever and a true heir to Mœbius. Metabaron is his first work for Humanoids.


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