Ray Garrison’s journey of self-discovery continues in this week’s Bloodshot Reborn #3!

Amy’s take

My pick for book of the week. Gorgeous visuals and an intriguing story make this book a winner. More is revealed about the status of the free nanites. Bloodshot/Ray struggles with the weight of his baggage and his hesitation to confront certain truths. Agent Festival continues to be a bit of an enigma, and I look forward to learning whether she is merely highly intuitive or something more. This story is the right balance of intrigue and action, making it a classic thriller. Looking forward to reading more.

Don’s take

This is my favorite issue so far in this series. I was a little concerned with this Bloodsquirt stuff, but the storytelling for this issue by Jeff Lemire has won me over. This has so many different layers and such a complex but enjoyable ride. Bloodshot & Ray Garrison – the same, but yet 2 different people. Reborn? Oh yeah!

Martin’s take

You know when you’ve come upon a talented writer when he (or she) makes you care about a character so quickly, and Jeff Lemire has not only helped me to care about Bloodshot in just a couple of issues, but has made brand new supporting characters like Bloodsquirt and Agent Festival interesting and multidimensional just as quickly. Bloodshot Reborn #3 continues Ray Garrison’s (Bloodshot) journey into self discovery with some deeply psychological moments, great action, gripping suspense and beautiful visuals courtesy of Mico Suayan. Bloodshot Reborn is a book you should be reading not just as a Valiant fan, but as a fan of comics in general.

 Bloodshot Reborn

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