Valiant’s latest sci-fi thriller continues this week with Divinity #3. Here are our first impressions.

Amy’s take

With each successive book I like this mini-series more. I enjoy the method in which Kindt has been slowly doling out tidbits of information using multiple timelines. In doing so, it sometimes feels like we are reading several different stories, but by the end of this book we can see how they converge. Much is revealed regarding the origin of Divinity, his mission, and his abilities. The artwork (pencils, inks, and colors) was outstanding and effectively illustrated an essential key to Divinity’s powers. Great read and great looking.

Martin’s take

Divinity is one of those books that grabs you by the “you know whats” and takes you on a mind-bending adventure like nothing else on comic book shelves today. In the third issue, we finally learn some really important pieces of Divinity’s origins and are presented with the shocker that Abram may not have been alone on his journey. The narration shifts once again and this time we get the story from Abram’s perspective which is a nice change of pace. What I love most about this miniseries is that each issue is pretty self-contained and can probably be read in any order which is no easy feat from a writer’s standpoint. With a solid story from Kindt and beautiful art from what I will forever refer to as “the Trifecta” (Hairsine, Winn and Baron), Divinity is a beautiful story that isn’t just read, it’s experienced.

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