Ivar, Timewalker returns this week with another exciting chapter in the “Breaking History” arc. Will the Anni-Padda brothers be able to get along long enough to save the universe from impending doom?

Amy’s take

Bro, what can I say? This series continues to be fun. The immortal brothers continue their rescue operation along with the help of someone from the Faraway. Ivar’s clever wordplay gets him into trouble as he accidentally reveals a teaser that has his brothers concerned. Neela continues to work for her future self, and the results are shocking. The last two pages took the story from good to great. Classic Valiant fans will find themselves reminded of a certain tragic figure from that era.

Don’s take

Once again, Fred Van Lente’s writing is absolutely Bro-tastic. This issue was Bro-lliant! At this rate, I’ll probably be bro-ke from buying everything this series offers. I give this issue Bro out of Bro stars! Doesn’t matter if you’re on Earth or in space, if you haven’t jumped aboard Ivar, Timewalker yet, now is the “time”…bro!

Martin’s take

The first arc of Ivar, Timewalker had some parts that fell flat to me, but now well into its second, the book is starting to fire on all cylinders. Part of that may be due to the hilarious interactions of Ivar and his brothers Armstrong and Gilad which are really reminiscent of the humor series writer Fred Van Lente brought to his run on the Archer & Armstrong regular series. Speaking of which, if you were a fan of that series, you will love what happens at the end of this issue, and there’s even a bit of a nod to readers of the classic Valiant universe that was really nice to see. Pick this book up, bro! (Why the bro jokes? Wait and see!)


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