Ninjak is back this week and here are our spoiler-free thoughts on issue #3 due out this week. NINJAK_003_COVER-A_LAROSA

Don’s take

I am loving finding out bits and pieces of Ninjak’s history and that goes for his costume, as well. It might even be more intricate than Batman’s costume. Matt Kindt knows how to write a main story, a back-up story, and any other story for that matter. The stories are all different, but seem to all fit well together. I love the mystery of it all. Even the end of the story when…oh, wait, you’ll just have to read it.

Martin’s take

You would think that writing up to 4 Valiant titles on top of his other work would make Kindt’s writing suffer, but it seems the more work he picks up, the better his writing and that could definitely be said for Ninjak #3. Sure, Collin King is a badass ninja, but the developing of his character as told through the childhood flashbacks in the main story and his early spy days in the backup story is simply astounding. Not to mention the work being done by Clay Mann, Butch Guice and Ulises Arreola in the art department is outstanding. Pick this one up!

Paul’s take

I love that there are three separate stories being entwined together in Ninjak, and they can all be at different stages of intensity. Matt Kindt does a masterful job of increasing and decreasing the intensities of the stories, never allowing the reader to get comfortable. Matt really is masterful at spy stories. The beauty of Clay Mann’s art makes the present day story seem all the more surreal, while Butch Guice’s art has his training grounded in gritty realism. I love it all, and I can’t wait to get more.


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