Quantum and Woody continue to evade death in this week’s Quantum and Woody Must Die #3!

Martin’s take

I have to admit that ever since Valiant-sized Quantum and Woody a few months ago, I’ve been really excited to read new Quantum and Woody stories every month and what James Asmus and Steve Lieber are doing with Quantum and Woody Must Die is really top-notch work when it comes to these characters. Issue #3 sees a massive throw down between our heroes and…well…a zoo but it is tons of fun, with great humor and beautiful art. If you’re a fan of the direction Asmus has taken with these characters you will love what this series has to offer.

Scott’s take

Although I’ve been a trade-reader since I began reading comics, I haven’t had much difficulty in making the transition to a monthly schedule for the purposes of these round-robin reviews. Granted, there are certainly series that I feel will read better in trade (Ivar, Timewalker, Imperium, and X-O Manowar, specifically), but overall I can follow along fairly well. Quantum and Woody Must Die is unfortunately the first series that I regret not reading in trade first. There’s so much to enjoy in this series (and I’ve always liked Asmus’ take on Quantum and Woody), but the plot is intentionally complicated to the point where I had trouble remembering what occurred in the previous two issues (it didn’t help that I didn’t have enough time to reread those prior to reading this issue). Maybe others won’t have this same problem, but regardless, I do feel that this is quality work on Asmus and Lieber’s part, however you end up reading it. And yes, I know that I sound like an egomaniac by spending this entire review talking about myself, but considering it’s a comic starring Woody, it feels appropriate.

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