Every Monday we bring you a quick one paragraph review from each of our writers for this week’s books. Here’s our spoiler free advanced review of Rai #7.

Amy’s take

Rai #7 is the second release this week also helmed by Matt Kindt. Rai has been a solid and imaginative series thus far, and the collaboration between Kindt and artist Clayton Crain makes this future world vivid. There’s a lot of strong themes in Rai such as facism and slavery, but Kindt’s writing never feels heavy-handed. Instead it’s part action and intrigue, not unlike the spy movies referred to in the text. Issue #7 sees Kindt up-the-ante and the excitement level is high. Kindt also surprised me by introducing an unexpected character. I’m anxious to read the next installment.

Martin’s take

Rai is without a doubt one of Valiant’s strongest titles and this issue takes the book to a whole new level. The introduction of two new characters (well, technically one new character) in this issue nearly had me fall off my chair as I was reading. Things are about to really heat up in the world of 4001.

Paul’s take

I expected something big in this issue. Instead I got two things, and didn’t expect either! The art, as usual, is beautiful. What really made this issue special to me was the background info on the Positrons. Now Momo is a much more sympathetic character. It added another layer of emotional depth to the struggle for Japan. There’s not much left to say that wouldn’t risk spoiling anything…so just read it!

Scott’s take

Rai has become one of my favorite Valiant titles in large part because 4001 New Japan as imagined by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain is so interesting that I could read an entire issue devoted to nothing but background material; however, with this issue, Kindt chooses to really amp up the pace. There’s a lot going on, and the way that the story shifts between the various subplots in order to escalate tension is quite cinematic. Rai has been quite cerebral thus far, so it was nice to see Kindt write a more traditional action-oriented plot for #7 while still retaining all of the elements that has made the book successful to this point. Also, it probably doesn’t even need to be said, but Crain’s art looks fantastic. At this point, it’s so tied to this title that he can take as long he needs in between issues as far as I’m concerned.

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