Unity #17 hits shelves this week with a story focusing on Livewire. Be sure to check out more information on this book at the Valiant Database!

Martin’s take

One of my complaints with Livewire has always been that she hasn’t been given the ability to really shine. Sure, we’ve gotten glimpses of her past here and there, but she has never really been fully developed and explored – that definitely changes with Unity #17.

This issue is absolutely beautiful, finally giving Amanda (Livewire) the attention she deserves. We not only learn a bit more about her relationship with Gin-GR, but also how being tied to Unity has deeply affected her personal life and causes and people she cares about. As much attention as she receives for saving the world, she is extremely lonely. Her quest for knowledge and self-improvement take center stage in this issue and there is a new “power” revealed which has me really excited for just how much Livewire can truly accomplish. Matt Kindt has done a terrific job exploring the members of Unity over the past several issues, but this one may just be the best.

Paul’s take

I’ve been greatly enjoying the character focused issues of Unity that we’ve been getting, and I’ve been looking forward to getting to Livewire’s issue as we’ve gotten to know her the least. In this issue, we get to see a bit of her “real” life, illustrating the fact that Unity has become more real to the team than their lives outside of their missions. No action in this issue. All character. This is a character that I would like to see continue to get more attention in the future.

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