by Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples

Any week that sees the return of Saga is a great week. Yes, Saga returned from their usual hiatus between story arcs. After leading readers longing to see what happened after the fallout of the previous issue, Staples and Vaughn use this issue to catch readers up with where all of the characters are and what is going on with them right now.

Being able to pull off both a recap issue while laying out the groundwork for the present story and still making an enjoyable issue is no easy feat. However, most fans know by now that Brian K. Vaughn knows how to write engaging comics. This issue specifically showcases his writing skills by being able to welcome readers both old and new back to the world of Saga. All the while delivering some intense characters interactions and narration. No spoilers, but there are moments here where Vaughn writes Hazel’s narration to the story, that can be either hilarious observations or heart-crushing future insight. No matter how crazy and outlandish things get in Saga, it’s the well-developed characters that truly drive this opus.

The other draw to Saga has been Fiona Staples stunning art. The almost painted looking style that she has chosen to use for Saga has been so crucial in capturing Saga‘s overall tone. The way she handles the page layout of Saga doesn’t feel like a comic, but like an actual piece of art. Every page is gorgeous and begs readers for a second glance. Staples also handles pivotal moments like action scenes and big reveals masterfully. They can be both shocking and incredible like say, if a giant dragon lizard suddenly urinate all over a group of people. Staples puts everything she has onto every page of Saga and it shows. Saga is Fiona Staples’ book.

There is a reason people talk about Saga so much and why it’s one of, if not THE, best comic on the stands right now. Both Staples and Vaughn are masters of their craft and Saga feels like a height of both of their creativity. It’s great to have Saga back. Even though it may sting to wait a couple of months between story arcs, it always feels like it was worth it when we are greeted with a return like this issue.


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