By Dan Slott, Michael Allred, Laura Allred

“My board! All these months you have kept it from me! How dare you! That is no mere conveyance! It is connected to me! Part of my true self! For I am more than merely Norrin Radd!”

He’s the Silver Surfer!

Mystery, romance, action! … and a sad crab in a top hat. Norrin and Dawn are still on New Newhaven in the latest issue of Silver Surfer, but is this new planet truly paradise? Or is there something spacey going on?

Dan Slott continues his tale of the herald as we’re once again shown Norrin and Dawn after having spent months on this perfect planet. Everyone seems so happy, and the planet just seems to adapt to everyone, but of course paradise doesn’t make for a good story, WE NEED CHAOS! Good thing there’s some of that sprinkled into this issue. There’s also some romance, the kind that makes you go “0o0o0o0o!”

Something Slott does well this issue is give you the feel right from the get-go that you should feel suspicious. We’ve learned by now that if anything seems too good to be true, then it probably is (20% off on an oil change, but then they tell you you’ve been driving without a muffler! Psshh, what a rip off). Slott is also able to build some tension in the Norrin/Dawn relationship as well as bring some other characters into the fold via… mysterious means (reminds me of the episode of Star Trek where that swamp looking lady is first seen as the doctor’s wife but Kirk sees her as old and McCoy sees her as young and…wait a minute…).

The artist on this series is Michael Allred and he once again creates some great pages. One that kicks off the issue shows Norrin and some of his new friends walking down a path to go fishing, behind them are a few different scenes of various other aliens playing, doing laundry, chatting, the scene makes for a peaceful setting. Colorist Laura Allred gives it even more of a serene feel as the day shines bright and everything just seems to be colorful and perfect… a little… too Raph… I mean perfect.

This issue of Silver Surfer lays low on the action for the majority, instead delivering a tale of mystery and romance! But in the end Norrin just ain’t the same man unless he’s got his board and the cosmic waves.

Silver Surfer #12
Silver Surfer #12

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