It’s the end of March, so I guess it’s time to “spring” another installment of Something Valiant on ya (should have been “you”, but I used “ya” to sound more street, uh, country since I live in Kentucky). Seems like everyone enjoyed last weeks article on Cary Nord (I mean, it wasn’t literally on him, but it was about him, well, you know what I mean). Hopefully he had a chance to check it out.

Since the temperature is in the low 70’s today, it’s time for another “hot” article (hey, I’m hot-blooded, so yes, 70 is hot to me. I’ve turned on the A/C for this article). The hint for this weeks article was: “It’s time to visit Le La land.” That’s right, you guessed it (as well as the other 5 people who read this article. Okay 4, Mom doesn’t read comics, but thanks for reading it anyway, Mom), it’s the uber-talented artist, Lewis LaRosa. You’ve loved him on characters like Bloodshot and Ninjak, just to name a few. He also did some amazing work at last weekends South Carolina Comic Con (see pics). Here is his Top 5 Valiant moments:

In no order…

  • Being given the opportunity to ink myself.
  • Being given the opportunity to do covers.
  • Bloodshot #25 (my first full issue in a decade and rendered with Microns).
  • The upcoming Bloodshot arc I’m working on with Lemire and rendering in copics.
  • And having the opportunity to work with the entire Valiant crew – the editors, the other artists – it feels like family. It’s been the best experience I’ve had in comics. They’re always supportive, encouraging, respectful, and inspiring.”

And there you have it, straight from Mr. LaRosa himself. Thank you so much, sir, for taking the time to share these moments with us. Keep up the great work.

Next weeks hint is: I don’t know yet ;-). Stay tuned. And remember, if you’re going to read something, read Something Valiant.

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