Meet Space Step Dad! An average human Joe living in an alien world just trying to keep the gun out of his mouth and connect with his step son! Created by the award winning (probably, right?) team of Eliot Rahal, Donny Cates and Matt Horak and appearing in the back pages of the new Dark Horse ongoing series, THE PAYBACKS, Space Step Dad is a cry out loud comic with UNIVERSAL appeal! For the whole family!


This September, come on down to Step Dad town and turn that smile upside down! (But seriously, order up on The Paybacks!)

Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal

Praise for The Paybacks:

“A strong debut that’s heavy on laughs framed in a well-balanced and engaging visual package.”—All-Comic

“The Paybacks is absolutely bloody hilarious.”—Big Comic Page

“Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal excelled at presenting a vibrant satirical script of the superhero genre that simply belongs in a class of its own.”—Comic Crusaders

“The Paybacks #1 is a comic you will read over and over again, and then pass it along to your friends proclaiming ‘you have to read this.’ ”—Geeks With Wives

“A joyride from start to finish that you don’t want to miss.”—Graphic Policy


The Paybacks #1
Donny Cates (W), Eliot Rahal (W), Geoff Shaw (A), Lauren Affe (C)
On sale September 16, FOC August 24.


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