Wow, right? Spider-Man finally joins the MCU or is at least renting space there now after a deal I’m sure you’ve all read about by now between Sony & Marvel to allow everyone’s favourite (maybe second favourite as that Gwen girl is proving to be rather popular) wall crawler into the big Marvel movie toy box. So what does this mean from a storytelling universal integration point? Honestly, not a clue. But we can dream and if you’re dreaming may as well go big! I’m going to go over my top wishlist please god make this happen scenarios that could come from this new Marvel/Sony deal. They might not all be possible or even feasible but her a few days ago I’d have said the same thing about a deal like this even being made and look at us now collectively wetting ourselves in excitement knowing Spidey will one day be standing side by side with the Avengers on the big screen.

Captain America: Civil War


This is probably the most likely to happen in that we have Spidey make his debut during Civil War, in what is hopefully a very loose adaptation of a not so great story, setting up our new Spider-Man whomever they are helping to avoid the Uncle Ben is killed and it’s my fault story we all love and are sick of seeing. Maybe they don’t go full unmasking but just want New York’s premier vigilante to pick a side and give his support hoping to influence the public, I don’t know but I’m not a screen writer so I don’t have to figure it out either.

The Larger Universe!


We could start to see more Spider-Related character pop up in the MCU, J. Jonah Jameson could be introduced as the boss of Ben Urich in Daredevil should it get a second season, maybe the Daily Bugle could appear in AKA Jessica Jones that would be pretty sweet or and this one is my favourite Jessica Drew Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and sure that might seem out there but we have Mockingbird, Daisy Johnston and Sif is coming back so we know their not worried about powered agents being around too much. This of course is totally dependent on how the deal relates to TV & Netflix deals maybe he’s going to be movie only or other characters are conditional and have to be work out separately but it would be cool.

Dark Reign!


One of the best Marvel arcs in resent memory, Norman Osborn becomes head of S.H.I.E.L.D. renames it H.A.M.M.E.R. and tries to police the world with his Dark Avengers and unstable Thunderbolts teams it’s bonkers and highly entertaining. Now this isn’t a one movie/show deal if they wanted to do this really it would be a great base for their next overall story after Infinity War we already have S.H.I.E.L.D. in ruins, Civil War is coming it’s not impossible to think by the time they stop an angry insane evil space god from wrecking the world the public might be calling for a change in the way their ‘heroes’ do things: Enter Norman Osborn with his government funded H.A.M.M.E.R. agency and private Avengers team aka Dark Avengers setting the stage for the next set of movies where we can have our Avengers in totally new unfamiliar situations, no longer beloved by the world, viewed as outlaws and on the run. It would be a nice change of pace if nothing else.



Assuming that all Spider based character are allowed to come out and play now we could see either spin-off movies or co-starring roles in other movies, I think it goes without saying that the Idea of Miles Morales or Spider-Gwen appearing in a movie has got some people pretty pumped and rightfully so or and just throwing this out there Jessica Drew joins the Captain Marvel cast as the best friend/team mate role that was such a hit in the last CM series. But there is also the issue of Sony’s already planned spin-off Sinister Six and never named female lead movie, what is to happen with them? My guess nothing their dead and gone along with the last movie series, the loss of Andrew Garfield would suggest they want a clean break with the somewhat mixed reception of the Amazing movies.

The Clone Saga!

Clone saga image

Just kidding, nobody wants this

So yeah we might have lost the perfect casting of Andrew Garfield and now we have to spend a few months of nervous anticipation waiting for an announcement and possible tears at said announcement (can’t be worse the Tobey Maguire if you ask me) but look on the bright side Spider-Man is going be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he belongs where he should have been all along and that is just Spectacular.

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