The Comic Shoot is back, faster than ever, with the first of many interviews from this past weekend at the Calgary Expo! We were fortunate enough to speak with Mike and Erika Rooth, creators of the upcoming viking centric series WidowsWake. We’ve been anticipating this book for a long time and it was damn great to finally meet and chat with these two in person. Chatting and hanging out with these two was without a doubt a major highlight of this convention and they can’t be thanked enough for taking time to talk to us. WidowsWake is coming and it’s coming in a big way and you need to make sure you’re right there from the start. Hopefully you enjoy Episode #20 with Mike and Erika as much as I did, and hopefully it gets you just as excited.

You can find (and buy) the sketch book that we talk about on Mike’s Big Cartel site (, you can follow Mike and Erika on Twitter and check out the soon-to-be-updated website Make sure you check out the hashtag #WidowsWakeWednesday, on Wednesday (obviously) to get some samples of things to come! Trust me folks, you need to check this stuff out.

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