by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson

Thor returns this week and this issue is just as strong as all the previous ones in this series so far. The new Thor is now up against the Destroyer released by Odin to take back Mjolnir from this unknown female Thor. Seems like the obstacles never cease and only get harder every issue for this Thor. All the while Mr. Agger of Roxxon and Malekith continue with their devious plot undisturbed because the gods are too busy squabbling among themselves.

Jason Aaron has been an excellent choice for writing Thor. Since he’s been on the series he has continued to find interesting ways to weave stories about the gods of Midgard. Since this Thor series launched with a new Thor in the lead role, he has doled out some of his best storytelling. This issue had a lot of moving parts and the mystery behind this new Thor’s identity is coming to a head. Aaron has masterfully crafted each issue of Thor to contain every element on the genre spectrum. Action, humor, suspense, adventure and mystery are all present throughout Aaron’s Thor run. When it comes to Marvel’s Thor, Aaron has definitely made his mark on the character’s history.

When you read a new issue of Thor every month you begin to wonder if Russell Dauterman is some kind of wizard. There are not many artists out there that can deliver an entire issue of high quality of art every month. Every issue has looked consistently beautiful from action scenes to panel layout. One must not forget to mention Matthew Wilson’s bold color palette that also makes Thor so stunning to read.  Wilson uses a menagerie of vibrant colors that brings the nine ten realms to life on the pages of Thor. Speaking of the ten realms, there is one page that has a large and gorgeous panel dedicated to showing the World Tree and the ten realms that inhabit it. That page alone showcases exactly why this is the perfect art team for Thor.

Watching this new Thor have to go through so much dissent every issue, seems to mirror how some felt about having a new (and female) Thor wielding Mjolnir. However, this Thor has proven on the page to both her fictional and real oppressors that she is more than a gimmick. This team of creators shows you that it’s the art and the story that keeps readers truly coming back for more Thor.


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  • The art has been great but the writing has sucked. The Magical Disney Princess wannabe has had next to no real character development until perhaps this issue where her identity may have been revealed and she has had next to no difficulty fighting everything until this issue, including the real Thor. Seeing her get a beating from Cul was refreshing though. I just wish the Destroyer crushed the hammer after he grabbed it. Thor is not a hammer. He is a god.

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