Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, is excited to return to the jungles of Vietnam in Guerillas Volume 3 by creator Brahm Revel (storyboard artist for Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros., Marvel Knights: X-Men, The Bunker).


The U.S. government has secretly authorized the use of trained chimpanzees as surrogate soldier in Vietnam.
Jungle warfare will never be the same.


In Guerillas Volume 3, Learn the secret origins of Adolf, Goliath and the rest of the apes as Dr. Heisler struggles to regain control of an increasingly dangerous situation in the jungle of Vietnam. When the country itself turns against the troops, death and destruction will follow in the wake.

Get your stinking paws on Guerrillas Volume 3 by Brahm Revel on May 18, 2016.

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What people are saying about GUERILLAS:

“You don’t need the likes of me to tell you to buy a comic book about apes with machine guns. They’re APES, for God’s sake. With MACHINE GUNS.”
Jackson Publick, co-creator of Adult Swim’s THE VENTURE BROS.

“Revel’s story provides a mix of both action movie combat and meditations on the horrors of war and the unfairness of forcing individuals into a fight they don’t want to participate in to further someone else’s goals. The story succeeds because of the emotion he’s able to evoke from the chimpanzees through facial expressions, hand gestures, and grunts alone.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Brahm Revel’s work in Guerillas feels like the composition of an old pro. The author/artist takes full advantage of the medium’s unique storytelling opportunities, skillfully weaving pleasantly nostalgic narrations into scenes of debauched violence and complete moral ambivalence.” IGN

“It’s not very often that a book impresses me this much… but with Guerillas Brahm Revel has created a lasting title that deserves far more attention than it has yet received… I, at least, will be waiting with much anticipation for the next volume. I can’t recommend this book enough.” Newsarama


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